Comic 1 - Autobiography

Posted on 25th Sep 2014, 6:06 PM
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ComicRobJonathan 25th Sep 2014, 6:06 PM edit delete
Hello, my name is ComicRob Jonathan and may I present (and most likely regret) the creation of "atypical webcomic". Despite what I proclaim in my own poorly-drawn boxes, this isn't going to be that autobiographical. More like a tongue-so-far-up-its-cheek-that-it-bursts-out look at the various aspects of the world wide web. First subject was the autobiography webcomic among other various jabs at other comic tropes. Some aspects of this comic have a grain of truth but most of this shit I made up. I don't own a cat (alergic), my brother likes Star Wars-not Star Trek, and my girlfriend wishes she had breasts this big (she also wishes she was real). Planning to update as much as regular webcomics (so expect the next comic by January), if you want any additional information about today's comic or just insane ramblings of a crazy person. You just scroll down to the bottom of the page... Not too far down, though, you might find a lot of screaming, complaining, and whining if you go too far down.

(Also, the mispelling of "insignificant" was an intentional artistic decision and not at all a mistake that I'm too lazy to correct)